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(hoe - zoe) origin: southern California dialect.

This term first originated at the University of California, Irvine. One could use this term to refer to a female who has become exponentially promiscuous over a short period of time.

Generally, the woman that could be referred to as a "hozo" has recently exited a long relationship and has decided to take the dating world by storm, without any inhibitions or judgement. Gender is not a relevant factor when choosing a potential mate for most hozos.

You can spot a hozo by her inapropro and scando attire as well as excessive facial makeup and cancer inducing levels of tan.

Synonyms: skank, whore, ho, skeeze, slut, beeze, hocake, skankalicious

Refer to the VP Risk Managment for concrete examples of how to spot a hozo in the streets. If you encounter a hozo in her natural habitat, you will have no choice but to

surrender to her sexual advances. Your bodily safety is not guaranteed. Avoid this species at all costs.

A well known university professional at a popular public school in southern California that is known for it's abundance of a certain ethnicity coined this term in a fit of honesty. He had been hoping to call this particular female this term for many years, but he waited until she had quit as his intern.
A woman who participates in skype sex is a total hozo.
by Chrisha Tavez September 24, 2010
A woman wearing so much make-up that she looks clownish, reminding you of Bozo.
Wow, that Holly's looking like a total Hozo, all she's missing is the big red nose!
by Beachgirl90720 May 20, 2011