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Canadian Air Force way of warning fellow crewmembers of an impending fart. Volume of the spoken word 'Howdy' is directly proportional to the anticipated volume of the gas to be passed.
*Feel it brewing* "Howdy!" Let 'er rip!
by F/Sgt Cos Man July 23, 2004
60 89
The first name of Mr Dooty, a former TV personality and marionette in the 1950's who was driven into obscurity, alcohol abuse and an early death after being arrested by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee(HUAC) for being a suspected fellow traveler with the Communist Party.
Senator Joe McCarthy relentlessly interrogated Howdy Dooty about the Communist Party pulling strings and making him dance like a puppet.
by harry flashman August 04, 2003
22 51
The word that camels use to greet one another.
by July 31, 2003
8 40
n., An unattractive man dating or coupled with an attractive woman.
Derived from: "How'd he get a chick like that?"
Origin: Andy
The chess club captain is a total howdy. I can't believe he's dating a cheerleader.
by Bill April 28, 2005
14 47
"how do you do?"
commonly thought of as common slang in the south, particularly texas.
FIRST OF ALL: nobody here says howdy and barely anyone wears cowboy boots. my god.
'stop trying to impersonate texans, bitch!'
by jessica! September 28, 2005
37 71
Verb, to have sexual intercourse with.
"Man, would you check Suzy out?" "Yeah, I've LOVE to howdy that!"
by Baby Phil September 12, 2004
14 62