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To take a poop in a toilet without contact between the butt and the toilet seat.
Hoverpooping requires the hoverpooper to air-sit over the toilet.
Hoverpooping is much more sanitary than allowing the butt to contact the toilet seat.
Hoverpooping is much more efficient than taking the time to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper.
Person 1 - Passing time is only 6 minutes long, I have to walk all the way to chemistry, and I really have to poop! There's no way I'll have enough time!
Person 2 - Take a hoverpoop! It only takes a minute!
Person 1 - Great idea!

Person 3 - I only hoverpoop when there's no toilet seat covers
Person 4 - I hoverpoop all the time! Even at home!
Person 3 - Geez, isn't that tiring?
Person 4 - I got used to it. My legs have build up endurance from hoverpooping so much.
by hoverpooper February 28, 2009

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