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to penetrate someone using a broom or a mop
Man i got with this girl last night and i housewifed that hoe
by ale van April 22, 2008
44 172
What a woman becomes when she has no job skills, no career aspirations, no confidence and no goals in life.
Becoming a housewife has got to be the most mind-numbing waste of time in this world. There's nothing wrong with being one if they have another job or calling on the side, but to do it and nothing else means you are in need of serious help.
by krock1dk March 06, 2008
183 357
An uneducated woman with no self-esteem and no life who thinks she has to devote herself to rearing children, her husband, the home and the pets.
A housewife is what a woman becomes when she has no goals in life.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
140 323
Someone that is unemployed an stays home all day doing nothing.
Elena, get off your ass you friggin' housewife.
by Shana June 18, 2003
183 375