House rape is the act of completely trashing a house during a party, leaving it completely unhabitable. The phrase became particularly popular after an incident in April 2007 where £20,000 worth of damage was caused to a house in Durham, UK.
"It's like a house rape - every single room's trashed. Every carpet is burned, they've been stamping out cigarettes on them."
by N!ATP April 24, 2007
A situation where a large number of uninvited house guests intentionally crash a party, consume large quantities of food and drink.
Adrian, has a party for some good friends and neighbors. Liz knows about the party, but is not invited. Liz decides to invite the entire neighborhood and claim that Adrian initiated the invite. The end result is Adrian's party having a significant number of guests and leaving him feeling house raped.
by LudaChris August 24, 2013
When people show up at your house without permission. Living, sleeping, or just annoying the shit out of you.
Our friend was visiting from out of the country for a few weeks, stayed longer and now her boyfriend is still house raping us.

Our friend got "too drunk to drive" and decided to stay "long enough" to "sober up" and house raped us.

Our friends house rape us because our stuff is better than theirs.
by better than my friends December 10, 2010

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