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A state in which a computer is "thinking" and is currently unresponsive. Not exactly frozen, hourglassing gives a potentially false sense of action on the part of the computer.

Most common on systems running various forms of the Windows operating system. I'm sure Mac/Linux GUI users have their own terms for it.
CSR: You'll have to bear with me a moment, my PC is hourglassing.
ME: Hourglassing, eh? Is that the technical term for it?
by Dan Hunke August 21, 2006
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The act of stuffing ones ass with as much sand as possible, squatting down and then letting the sand slowly pour out into another persons' gaping anus. If all the sand has been transferred, switch positions and repeat. Bonus points if you can get some consistency going e.g. switching every 10 minutes.
Alex: Bro, we really gotta start practising our hourglassing, our times are all over the place
Tim: I'm not your bro, fucker. Now hurry up with the sand.
by penis183 October 01, 2016
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The term used to define the time you spend staring at a computer screen waiting for your antiquated computer system to load software or web pages that exceed your systems memory and processing capabilities. May also be used to define the blank stare given when someone says or does something incredibly stupid and there is nothing you can do but stare at them.
The first 30 minutes of my day at work is spent hour-glassing.

She walked in wearing what looked like elf shoes and I could not help but Hour-Glass.
by The wonderland girls February 26, 2010
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when you are pressured to give a bj for your boyfriend.
God damn my boyfriend wont stop hour glassing me.. and its pissing me off!
by 5851 March 12, 2010
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