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Similar to botox, but applied mainly to the face and chest area of porn actresses for the money shot.
"In the next scene Jenna Jamison takes a huge dose of hotox from Peter North."
by King Salami March 02, 2008
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Cheap, ordinary marijuana; usually contains shake, stems and seeds. So crappy its almost like it's tobacco painted green.
The bag of hot ox we got last night from Fred didn't get me lifted that much; only slightly toasted.
by Dr. Claw February 14, 2007
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A physical blow resulting in a facial bruising and subsequently blamed on a cosmetic procedure
person 1: Will you look at the black eye on Nikki, she claims she got Botox yesterday Person 2:What really happened is she pissed off Jody last night and he gave her a shot of ho tox
by ezreit July 30, 2010
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