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A bot who poses as a hot girl on MySpace and assails male users with friend requests.
I keep getting friend requests from that hotbot Candy, no matter how many times I deny her.
by edwardhenry April 26, 2006
slang for a stolen vehicle
yo, 12 just caught me pushin a hot bot. you gonna come bail me out?
by J Candler March 20, 2006
Hot Botting occurs when a spambot instant messages you, generally asking your age, sex, and location.
I just got hot botted.
by Im Adam West November 30, 2011
Hot Bot is a unique store of Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories. Most famously known for carrying the accessory line "ash&RAIN." Hot Bot carries new & vintage clothing: T-shirts, denim, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, and other fun accessories. Inspired by Japanese culture, West Coast style, Southern living, and its roots of the East Coast - NYC.
Have you seen the new hot bot bracelets?
Duh, My best friend and I already have all the Hot Bot friendship bracelets.
by shophotbot August 09, 2009
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