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when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by wannabe emos sporting the lastest clothing labeled with the cartoon charecters from years past. you can usually spot some one who has been "hot topiced" when the person is obviously trying to be unique, but looks just as shitty as the last shmuck who walked into the store.
"whoa man, what happened to mary? i never knew she owned so much black.....or had so many peircings"

"its too late for her now, shes been hot topiced."
by Laura Tibblez February 22, 2010
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A word, phrase, picture, symbol, definition, clothing, genre, subculture, etc that has been marketed by hot topic brand stores origianlly favoured by the people of certain subcultures, leading to over-use of the word, phrase, thing, idea, clique, etc so that anyone can think that they are of the subculture by buying that item. The item therefore becomes abused and is eventually abandoned by the original subculturists but still remains as a sterotypical symbol of the subculture, later being a source of quick mockery or use by posers.
"You laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh because you are all the same!"
"Dude, do you think that saying that makes you unique and special? that phrase has been so hottopic-ed that you aren't different at all, you're exactly the same as the 3 million other people who own that on a shirt, bumper sticker, mug, patch, hoodie, etc. you aren't different, you're exactly the same... you hypocrite."
by silent17 March 21, 2004
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when something has been in hot topic, and someone uses a slogan from it.
Jene: Childproof caps have ruined my happiness!
Bill: That has been so hottopic-ed, yeah its from Foamy the squirrel, but it's not cool when it reaches hot topic, because then everyone uses the damn phrase!
by Briana March 28, 2005
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