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Method of smoking hash where a blim is sandwiched between two red hot knives. The resulting smoke is collecting in a plastic bottle (which has had the bottom removed) and inhaled.
As a teenager I had many hot knives at Roudy's house.
by Dan Fox August 14, 2003
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the act of smoking weed by rolling the weed into little nuggs, heating up the tips of two knives with a blowtorch/stove, once the knives are red with heat you push lightly on a nugg to pick it up then compress the weed between the two knives, finally hold the knives inside the bottom of a bottle with the bottom smashed or cut off
We did hot knives last night and I was fucked after one toke
by SUMS 420 March 08, 2004
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A method of smoking hash, opium, or kief by heating butter knifes with a lighter and breathing in the smoke expelled off of the knife. When the drug is to fine or caramelized to smoke using traditional methods hot knifing is an accepted alternative although you typically wont have as effective inhalation as you only inhale the fumes rising off of the knife as opposed to an airtight seal when smoking a pipe or joint.
I dont have a piece, but we can hot knife it.

The kief is too fine for a pipe, lets hot knife it.

The hash is too gooey for my pipe, lets hot knife it.

My mom noticed the res on our butter knife from when we hot knifed that hash.
by Albert Dankinstien May 17, 2009
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Same as the first definition, but usually done with hash. Also called "Blades". Little balls of hash that are vaporized with red hot butter knives. (sometimes thru a papertowel tube, to avoid accidental lip burn) Usually done on a stove top, but a torch is faster.
"Pull out the blades, cause we're doin some hot knives!"
by Chino Valdez January 31, 2010
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hotknives are the pair of butterknives you get red hot with a stove or blowtorch. when they are tsss hot, you touch a ball of hash/weed (marijuana) with one of them then sandwich the ball with the other butterknife. hotknives,also known as blades, is a very good way to get high.
put the hotknives on, mang.
by hotknives :D May 27, 2003
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The process in which you heat two knives over a stove and hold a nug between the two in order to burn the candy in a way that doesn't require fire. Once the nug is placed between the two knives, cut a two liter bottle up so that it can hold ice and so that you can breathe the smoke in.
knife hits
Dag yo, those hotknifes got me hella blazed son.
by Paul "ever blazin" Forester April 25, 2006
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by the way you hold a 2 liter POP bottle (with the bottom cut off) to your mouth while someone does the hotknives for you (duh!:)
by hotknives :D May 29, 2003
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