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Means getting burned by a hot sauce, or any type of hot pepper.

First used by American settlers when they encoutered the jalapeño sauces from northeastern Native Americans circa the 1700's.
Me: Yo Christina Elena! Want to try this habanero pepper sauce I made?
Christina: Sure, yours are never spicy enough! Bring it on!
Me: Alright try it!
Christina: (Tries it).
Christina: Wow wow! Holy hot balls! Got hot spiced! Bring me some milk! My mouth is burning!

Waiter: Sir, what level of spiciness do you wish on your curry?
Dude: What'ya got? Get me the highest level!
Waiter: Whatever you want sir! (brings the curry...).
Dude: Shit! got hot spiced! Waiter, waiter bring me water!
Waiter: (Gonna make that fucker wait....!)
by Kaikass October 08, 2013
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