The act of performing fellatio to male genitalia right after that same genitalia has performed anal sex. There is no exact time frame that the penis must transfer from anus to the receiving mouth. See also "ass to mouth." The penis must, however, enter the mouth for fellatio while it is still warm from friction caused by the anal sex it has just performed to be considered a "hot lunch."
Tom: I'm so pissed at Mark!
Tweety: What happened this time?
Tom: Last night when me, him, and Kirsten decided to have a threesome, I was OK with him giving me a hot lunch, BUT I wouldn't have agreed if I knew Kirsten just had some Taco Bell right before! Ugh! So brutal.
by manly_manly_man October 30, 2015
to recieve a turd from another human.
my friend nick is gagging for a hot lunch from a moose named trudi.
by matt October 21, 2003
The Act of shitting into someones mouth. Brian Lipscomb's favorite part of the day
As his face was dripping with what appeared to be fecal matter, I knew he got hot lunch.
by Ben R September 04, 2003
Lay yourpartener/victim so there nice and comfy! Then stretch over a nice peice of clingfilm over there gaping mouth. Now whip out your ass and take a hefty steamy shit inside there cakehole! Now you must unleash the beast! whap out your turgid veiny meat injection and slam it in there mouth! fuck there mouth untill an explosion of hot shit and creamy man juice fill there throat and mouth!!! trust me and try it its fucking ace!!!
hey kyle why dont you and your mother pop round later so i can fucking lay down a hot lunch on her sweet juicy mouth!
by sam martin June 03, 2007
The act of a person shitting on another person's chest, and it slides down the cleavage like a boat down a river. There are many variations, some more popular like:

The Clevland Steamer
The Mud Canoe
John, in the heat of the moment, shit at the top of Hilga's massive jugs, sending a mighty Hot Lunch slowly sliding down her canyon of cleavage.
by Mr.SisterFister January 09, 2008
Sex for lunch.
Bangin your wife at lunch time.
I went home and banged my wife at lunch time.
Oh, you had a hot lunch?
by BigPink April 28, 2005
This is a close relative of "the chilli-dog." You'll proceed to drop a deuce into a waiting girl's mouth and she eats it.
Lynn was tired of eating dick, so she opted for a "hot lunch" instead.
by Scott Ryan Patrick September 18, 2003
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