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This is what occurrs during the hottest of hot love-making, while each partner is as sweaty and as hot as possible, and is working so hard at getting each other off that they let go of all bodily function and spew fluids and other nasty substances from every opening in their body. This event is usually very loud and always sloppy.
Samuel: (Uneasily) "Oh, hey there, Dad".
Donald: "Hey Sam. You look tired. What's wrong?"
Samuel: "Um, nothing. I...uh, I couldn't get to sleep lastnight...I kept hearing...noises".
Donald: "Hey, Sammy, shut the fuck up. Your mother and I have told you a thousand times that our hot gunk love is something special, and if you can't appreciate it, then get the fuck out of my house".
by Babies September 13, 2006

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