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n. mixture of battery acid and (drug of choice here) prepared for injection intravenously by an unsuspecting victim junkie. Also could be a mixture of cocaine and heroin for intravenous injection.
The junkie died after she shot a hot dose.
by greedy tompkins July 21, 2004
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A deadly combination of heroin and cocaine, sometimes battery acid, injected into a person or junkie.
1. That broke bitch ripped off the dealer, so he found the junkie passed out in a hotel room and gave that bitch a hot dose.

2. Junkie 1: Man, **** had alot of drugs and money dude.

Junkie 2: Damn, for real!

Junkie 1: Yeah, I gave him a hot dose when he
passed out and took it all.

Junkie 2: I can't believe it thats cold man.

Junkie 1: HeHe!

Junkie 2: Can I get a couple lines, Man?
#drugs #heroin #cocaine #battery acid #junkie
by J2/44 June 11, 2010
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