When a guy has sex with a girl whose on her period and isnt told. And when he pulls out his dick is bloody.
Did you hear Matt got a Hot Cheeto from Kelsey.
by Kejoko August 21, 2013
A sexy redheaded chick. Can be used as a noun or an exclamation.
Last night at the bar, my buddy told me to check out this ginger. Hot cheetos!
by Collar City Charlie March 07, 2011
(n.) the basic food source of all fat maxicans. you can tell an addicted vato by the signature red stains on the fingers, lips, and sleeves.
yo couse. go down to tha cowna sto an buy me sum hot cheetos widt this 25 cent.
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
A default reply to any question that may lead to an uninteresting conversation. Utilized to ensure a stealthy escape from said conversation. Effectiveness becomes accentuated when accompanied by a thousand yard stare.
Chuck: Yeah I'm an advertisement coordinator for a local retail store here in town. It has it's perks! What do you do?

Tom: Hot cheetos...

Chuck: Oh, uhh... I'm gonna go grab some... of these uhh... cup cakes over here... real quick...
by foxxy bubbles May 20, 2009
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