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a new sandwich at arby's. availabe for only a limited time!
For the low-carb dieters, arby's is now offering the hot beef injection. no buns, all meat.
by kittykat June 13, 2004
38 107
The proper prescription for whatever ails your lady friend.

If excessive talking occurs, administer orally.
Come on Sporto, level with me. Do you slip her the hot beef injection?
by josh February 18, 2003
612 105
The insertion of one's penis into whatever your heart desires, though usually in reference to chicks.
"Hey man, how'd things go with Jen last night?"
"Great, I gave her the hot beef injection"
by Sierra Mist Man September 20, 2005
174 77
To engage in sexual intercorse with someone. wether it be male or female.
"Tom gave Linda one mean taste of the Hot Beef Injection."
by Tom March 05, 2004
133 67
the act of placing one's penis in a woman's vagina
After a night of wooing my woman, we went back to my place and I slipped her the ole' HOT BEEF INJECTION.
by greek stud March 07, 2003
116 62
Having sex with a girl. Coined by John Bender (Judd Nelson) in "The Breakfast Club"
C'mon, sport, level with slip her the hot beef injection?
by GlockyBalboa February 13, 2011
33 8
A metaphor for ejaculation into the pussy, ass, or mouth. The cock is the "needle" and the cum is the serum. The cock penetrates and "injects" cum like a needle injects serum into the body after piercing the skin.

An expression of the desire to fuck or be sucked off and then cum inside the fuck partner.
She'll know you're a man after you give her your hot beef injection!! (heard at summer camp).

Open your mouth so I can give you my hot beef injection.
by Athanjay Ouillquay April 15, 2010
31 20
me inserting my penis into my lady friend, wherever she desires it (nose, mouth, ear, etc.)
"Hey, Raquel u need a hot beef injection"

"Ok, how about u come over tonight, I really need it hard in the ear"
by 11yearsoldandtencentimeters August 01, 2009
17 34