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the name given to someone who is much to strong for normal society.Damaging Punches like the K.O are thrown
Hoskins dominated the whole gang
by Roods March 06, 2008
A person who has lightning fast reflexes and always knows your weaknesses. As mentally sharp as they are physically strong, they are aloof and stoic, prefer to wear dark colours, know how to fly a helicopter, and usually have a past shrouded in mystery.

A Hoskins will either make a tremendous ally, or a highly dangerous and intimidating adversary.

Women will be attracted to him.
Leonard “your opponent today is a Hoskins”

Phil “Shit……”
by galacticbeetroot July 21, 2010

band teahcer!!
hoskin is a band teacher

dont pull a hoskin
by hooch May 03, 2004
An associate at a large law firm in New York who is know to be a total cunt. A hoskins is a cunt that will never leave a law firm because she/he believes they have the chance to make partner even thought everyone hates them and they have no chance in hell. They are also refered to as Reba's or C's. C being short for Cunt Face.
Hoskins: "Hi, Um could you please do this totally pointless shit for me?"

Normal Lawyer: You stupid cunt what is the point of this?

Hoskins: I am a powerful attorney and instead of staying at home and having babies like I am suppose to, I have decided to be a total Hoskins or a Reba or a C. Whatever you prefer to call me. Oh yeah, and my vagina stinks because I work 100 hour weeks but I will still never make partner.
by Wachtell Partner March 01, 2007
some racist guy.
look hoskins shaved head....stay away or he will make you bite the curb
by home pride February 03, 2004
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