hosk (hosc’h) v. pl. hoskes (hoe sc’hi-es) The action of toilet water splashing your hind end, from the gravity drawn waste exiting your bowel system. hosk adj. Description of something very displeasing; dissapointing.
I got hosked today while taking a dump.

Hosk You!

Go hosk off!
by Thomas Hawkins December 16, 2005
v. To wet the cornhole after shitting; wetting of the crack
"i didnt realize that the toilet had overflown till i hosked myself"
by Lord Tyler December 24, 2005
n. Displaced liquid which has been launched vertically to an equivalent or greater height than that of the displacing object.
The rookie sailor was splashed with a facefull of hosk when he dropped anchor.

The photographer dropped a rock and captured the hosk on film.
by Captain Abel April 04, 2010

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