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Variant of "hoser".
Take off, you hosehead!
by Nunc August 06, 2002
The name of Bob and Doug's dog. See hoser, SCTV or Great White North for further details.
Bob: "Dad, Doug gave Hosehead your beer!"

Doug: "nu-uh!"
by Succubus February 06, 2005
Taken from Canadien slang, "Hoser", which carries two meanings in Canuck culture. The first, given to the losing team of a hockey game whose job was to hose down the ice after the game. Second came from the gas shortage in Canada decades ago, desperate Canadiens would be caught sucking fuel from cars with make shift garden siphon.
Good game hose heads, have fun mopping the ice.
by Vinnie Boombatz. September 21, 2015
taken from the noun "hoser", this word is turned into an adjective meaning someone who gets drunk, "hosed", often and is in what seems a constant state of being drunk.

This was repeated pretty often in the old Great White North show from SCTV, a Canadian television show not been made since 1984. Bob and Doug McKenzie were the two overly-accented Canadians in TGWN, that often repeated this phrase.
"Take off, you hosehead!"
by cjyo5324 August 07, 2014
A Dick-head (literally a Penis-head), a Prick.
That police officer that gave me a traffic ticket is a real Hose-head.
by Doctor No February 11, 2011

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