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to horspool/ the act of horspooling: to walk outside in the bitter cold, shirtless/sleeveless to the point of one's nipples going numb.

Only few are capable of accomplishing this feat and most reside in upstate New York or the state of Maine. This term was coined by a man who can play a saxophone better than a milf can blow a trumpet. He is a legend among mortals, also seen as a viking by the meek and weak of heart(penis). Not only does he possess ample amounts of hair on his chest, but he is constantly mistaken for the Greek God Zeus. Enemies know him only by his name, acquaintances wish they could remember it, but friends will always refer to him as the Horspooler.
Alex: "Man, I'm gonna grab dinner in a few. You coming?"

Chin Li Mitsubishisuzukihondacivic: "That would be delightful good fellow. When do we embark?"

Alex: Uhhh... *thinking why the fuck he just asked this moron to dinner*... five minutes?

Chin Li Mitsubishisuzukihondacivic: Splendid, let me just snag my windbreaker.

Alex: Whatever bitch, I'm horspooling tonight.
by Wannabe Horspooler July 27, 2011
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