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A game, similar to "rock, paper, scissors", to determine or appropriate goods or turns.
"If there ever was an odd amount of items such as food candy or pop we played a game we called "Horsengoggle." Any boy who wanted in on the goodie would stand in a circle with the others and one boy would count to three. On the count of three each boy would hold up 1 - 5 fingers. The fingers were totaled up and the horsengogglee if you will , would count from one to the number of fingers ,starting on his right ,the person that he ended up with received the item . As there was no way to cheat in this "game" it was the fairest system we had and there was never any argument over who won. "
_The Unsinkable_
Dean Felsing Crew member of the Unsinkable
Copyright Jan. 22, 2000 : Dean Edward Felsing
#horsegoggle #horsengogglee #goodie #rock paper scissors #horsen goggle
by Emily.Susann May 16, 2007
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