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Can be used as a synonym for screwed, taken advantage of. Can also be used to describe a sexual encounter.
I got horse jacked at the car dealership.

Lisa's hot, I would horse jack that ass every morning.
by elusive007 November 19, 2008
Horse jack means delivering manual lovin' to a horse's dong.

Messy but fun.
As Morton began to horse jack Dobbin, there was a noticeable bulge in his pants.

Dobbin's eyes glazed over as the bucket began to fill.
by scodder May 02, 2010
A phrase akin to "syke." Said after a statement which isn't true, to clarify that you aren't serious.
Your face is so ugly!
Naw I'm just jackin your horse.

I just ate three grams of crack! Just horsejackin!
by Horse Jacker January 29, 2008

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