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When a person is so drunk, they cant even see.
Barry was in the horrors last night.

Barry is in the horrors everynight.
by CernCern August 12, 2010
Dublin slag for somone who is awful looking and/or is a complete mess
shes a fuking horror!
wud ye look at that horror!

by Nitcecil April 17, 2008
To scare someone, the smell of a rug infested with tuna juice.
Duq's cumble horrified the entire Northboro crew. Oh the horror!
by Bird Guy March 14, 2003
Wool sweater and a box of packing peanuts.
by ivo July 28, 2003
Often used to describe an ugly female
' Uurrrrrrggghh look at dat horror over der!! Thats rancid, man!
by Juz R May 28, 2005
see also the definition of school, gay, jocks.
just check it out ok?
by curved shit September 02, 2003