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Anything that is way beyond atrocious; horrendously atrocious.
Whitey dances horrociously.
by whoak March 16, 2010
5 2
the combined affect of something that is both horrendous and atrocious
man, isn't Kevin Federline's album horrocious?
by mobec April 24, 2006
37 7
ferociously horrendous

something so disturbing it ellicits an intense visceral response (e.g. wretching and or slight vomiting)
Dang girl, you done made my eyes bleed wit dat horrocious Taco Bell gas you just passed.
by Yeti Lover September 12, 2005
18 9
When something is horrible and atrocious at the same time.
You better get your dress sorted for this wedding or you'll look horrocious
by brownsnake November 26, 2013
1 0
This word is the culmination of all that is horrible, absurd and repulsive.
John Gaseys' crimes were horrocious.
by Deb and Daddy Wags September 27, 2007
0 0