A term used for kids who are so bad that not a single word should be wasted in describing them. Hence, the term "horribad" by combining two halves of words we can form a term without actually using a whole word! People who point out that two halves make a whole are considered "horribad" and are generally ignored by the general population.
sioteknom : jeff, you're horribad
by opps[x5] 4 iZZy October 01, 2006
A word that is commonly used by remedial people that don't know how to properly combine words, and are worthless to the human society. An example is a person with the online gaming alias "ArcAngel".
ArcAngel: *HEADSHOT*
Bob: ouch
ArcAngel: d00d, j0r horribad
Bob: stfu
ArcAngel: roflcakepwnage horribad
Bob: STFU!!!
ArcAngel: aw you scare me... you're so horribad.
Bob: You're a retard *Bans from server*
by Rodolfo S.J. September 11, 2006

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