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A comical word to be used in place of "con" "jip" "cheated".
"That salesman hornswaggled us out of 500 dollars"
by ChrisS March 07, 2005
When a woman(or gay man) invites a man to their home under the pretext of a friendly hang out, but with their subtext being, "I'm gonna fuck that guy."
Sweetie, I went to hang out with Sarah and she jumped me.

That bitch tried to hornswaggle you?! I never trusted her.
by Bootsie M. Tripper III September 20, 2014
When one pinches their receiving partners nose while performing oral sex
My breathing hasn't been the same since she hornswaggled me last night.
by furrbrit December 27, 2013
to wiggle one's fingers under someone else's chin while yelling out "HORNSWAGGLE!"
Stoner number 1: Hey, Stoner number 2, look over there! (points to the right)

Stoner number 2: What? Where? (looks to the right)

Stoner number 1: (Stealthly HORNSWAGGLES Stoner number 2) HORNSWAGGLE!!!
by Keef Stonewood October 15, 2007
A term used in place of words like "rubbish", "bloody hell", or "yeah right". Invented by Elizabeth T. and spread throughout the Earth.
Jeff told me he was with his girlfriend last night, but I know it to be naught but hornswaggle. I saw him giving that man a BJ.
by Dr. Tony January 17, 2005
Another word for penis
My girlfriend likes playing with my hornswaggle!
by Elijah Beeson February 12, 2007
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