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The greatest drink on earth, an apple flavored hard cider.
Oi mate, hand me a Hornsby's
by jim March 11, 2004
Hornsby is the maddest city in the fucking world. Hornsby is located just north of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. There tends to be a lot of teen violence, drugs and alcohole in the area.
Joel: Dude you wanna come with me and some chicks to Castle Towers tomorrow?
Tim: Nah man. I'm goin' to Hornsby. You and the girls can come along.
Joel: Smick!
by Dewy Horne February 04, 2008
A girl who is of highschool age, but appears to be much younger. Has the appearance of a 6th or 7th grader.
Rodney: yo, look at his girl.
Patrick: Yeah, she looks so young.
Rodney: Yeah, She's such a Hornsby. I wonder if he has to go pick her up after school everyday?
by nowayjose22 November 27, 2010
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