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Verb: to be horny in the morning; to be mentally or physically aroused before getting out of bed. Non-gender specific term, so both men and women can engage in horning.
Look at my roommate with a huge stiffy under his sheets... he is totally horning this morning! Instead of getting out of bed in the morning, she decided to lay there a few extra minutes horning over the boy she met that weekend.
by kels83 January 02, 2012
Demonstrating your intention and desire to perform a carnal act with one or more members of the sex to which you are most attracted.
Did you see Charlie talking to Linda and that hen do party she was with? he was really horning at them.
by Snikks July 22, 2011
Horning - verb. The act of using a Shofar (ram's horn) to wake up, surprise, or spook an otherwise unsuspecting victim. Popularized in a viral video uploaded to the web in January 2013.
"We tried Horning Kim last night, but we laughed too much and she heard us."

"Dude, we could barely fuckin breathe after we horned Jordan last night, we were laughing so much. I think he was convulsing so hard that his synapses were fried."
by Dreamy_Dave January 16, 2013

verb, horninged, horning, noun

to bump your unicorn protuberance into various objects or persons, usually affectionately.
That was a great horning, Charlie!
by mandaofthenarwhal February 06, 2011
receive a massage from a 'horned' animal
i like horning best when sitting by the pool receiving a massage from a rhino
by giraffe1 December 04, 2007

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