a guy who wants sex 24/7. carries on sexual conversations via text or talking with multiple girls to increase his chances of getting something from a girl. also lies about his feelings to most girls he talks to so he can trick them into thinking he cares about them just so he can get some head from them.
Mormand is such a horn dog, I read his text messages and all he does is talk about sexual stuff with a bunch of girls.
by mermanski March 20, 2011
Awesome stoner webcomic about a horny dog.
I'm reading HORNDOG. It's THA SHIT!
by Tom Dubb May 19, 2011
a man who all he thinks about is sex and getting in to a womans pants
wow that tyler wilson kid is such a horn dog thats all he talks about is having sex
by chody77 April 25, 2011
horny bastard/bastards
You're a damn horn dog.
by vaunted wreck October 19, 2008
A person, usually a guy, who is constantly aroused and sexually excited. Someone who masturbates to porn regularly, and in many cases, is going through puberty. Not uncommon for him/her to get very touchy around people of the opposite sex.
Horndog: Dude!!... that chick has great tits!! You gotta feel them!!
Dude: Man tell me how you know that!!
Horndog: Cuz I always bump into her by mistake in the hallway!! And she never notices a thing!!
Dude: That's pretty smart man!! That's a pretty good trick for a guy like you.. Too bad that's the furthest you'll ever go with her..
by Hornmeista May 18, 2008
(noun) someone who is as frisky as a dog and is very horny.
You mean the horndog?
by tphoneyy May 26, 2010
Someone who is very horny
Jack Barakat is a Horn Dog
by jackbarrakitten January 17, 2013

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