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Horacious is combination of ho (slapper, skank, etc.) and voracious. Horacious is often used in a sexual context but can be used to describe other vulgar skanky ho characteristics such as tawdry attire, the ‘reverse skunk’ stripe-age shown by skanky bottle blondes, and the more abominable ho gaffes.
Chris:“Yeesh! Bro! Can you believe that! Look at the heinous skank with the outrageous sweatermeat in front of Dude’s casket! She's nonchalantly texting and holding up the line. Pretty much the most horacious thing I’ve seen this year."
by Mo Dixley August 28, 2014
all the tenses of horrible wrapped into one...horrific, horrendous, horrible, horrid
my dump smelled horacious after swilling the bottle of oe
by b luv September 07, 2005
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