A l33t PC Studies teacher named Mr David 'Horace' Grant

Tends to play CS alot.
Justin > yo man hook us up w/ the game new tape
Joel > fo sho son
Horace > N-N-N-NO


by Bogan Killer, Hectic Social Halim December 25, 2004
Top Definition
A genuine, sexy guy who's crazy and faithful. Rather freaky but lovable 💞
Omg, he is so fine! He Must be Horace
by Dmg Dijah November 03, 2014
Absolutely terrible, horrific, heinous.
After drinking all night, he felt horace in the morning.
by D.J.M. April 10, 2006
A slang term for the clitoris: clit-'horace'.
Builder - Show us your Horace, love!
Builder's friend - Aye, show us that little man in the boat.
Girl - What's a Horace?
by Horace Eastwood December 08, 2010
A Prominent posterior that possesses qualities similar to one of a high quality prostitute.
Wow, Jenny certainly has quite the horace!

see booty;trunk;ass
by Clem Grogan June 10, 2011
Horace is a polite way of saying whore ass, because it sounds like horses.
I went to look at the barn, and inside there were many horaces.
by Aliases August 30, 2011
The mole previously described as the unfortunate carrier of the repulsive growth better known as Jim.
You have to pay extra for it... unfortunately.

Batteries not included; order within the next 5 days and receive free exclusive Horace Hairs. ORDER YOURS NOW!
"Can I have a HORACE please?"
"Yes... Yes you can."
"Do I have to pay extra?"
"No... No you don't."
by Emu April 13, 2005
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