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Playin ball, shoootin hoops.
Ryan: What's up playa?
Eric: Chillinn, just got in from hoopin.
by Potleafoo October 05, 2005
47 20
Short for "hooping"

Often replaces the word "ballin'" for many people who dont like to fit in
Daaaaaaaamn shawty that nigga be hoopin'
by sammybojangles September 20, 2007
5 2
To Be involved in the game of Basketball
I'm Going (to hoop) or (hoopin') today
by Colin June 18, 2006
2 2
Sticking a drug up one's anus
I think Brian is busy hoopin some ecstasy.
by desertfox1613 May 30, 2011
10 12
1. Hula hooping

2. Trick hooping

3. Mad skills with the hula hoop
Fire Sandra has some mad hoopin skillz.
by rainbowfrogs77 October 02, 2008
12 14
taking advantage of someone; doing somthing that you are not supposed to do
The girl was hoopin on her sister when she stole her money.

"You been hoopin on me," said the guy when he found out his girl was cheating.
by KeiKei May 09, 2006
7 22