a crusty twated, titty saggin,used to play basketball(I mean used to play with basketballs,now they,re too small),street corner working. relative fuckin,donkey dick suckin,woops she forgot to deusche her barf hole,cummin to take your man SLUT !!!!
look kids a hooker with a green fog around around her ass.. now thats what we call a hoopaskank
by ding dong dipshit August 13, 2007
Top Definition
the plural of hoopaskank. more commonly known as superskank, or in some regions, "muy grande skank"

they are usually seen wallowing in bathrooms, in a coma like state.

be wary.
aye curumba!

hay una muy grande skank !!
alternatively;; 'good grief, look at all those hoopaskanks !'
by hepitutis a b c d and j January 02, 2009
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