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n. A female (or sometime male) robot who sells her (or his) robot body for carnal pleasures
Origins: compound word derived from the words "hooker" and "robot"
"Jude Law played a hookerbot in the movie AI"
by babylon1125 May 18, 2006
n.- a MySpace bot that typically uses a risqué profile picture designed to spam friend request and messages to random users, often for advertising purposes
Origins:loosely referencing Hookerbot 5000 from the TV show "Futurama"
I have to deny at least 3 hookerbots everyday from my MySpace.
by Rinerdar August 06, 2007
noun: a generic wannabe supermodel who makes limited income at a low paying job who is very pretty and steals all the guys' attention when out at a party or other drinking establishment; she has no intention of entering into a relationship with said victim
I was talking to this great guy at a party when all of his attentions were diverted to some hookerbot displaying her new boobs.
by Diane Love October 17, 2007

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