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a hand job from someone with a hook for a hand.
the cold hard steel of her hook on my peen made for an amazing hook job.
by ihatecleves December 20, 2009
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(Pronouced: hoook job) The act of partaking in having someone administer a blow JOB on you, while you smoke from a HOOKAH.
Frank: Dude, you hear that tommy got a Hook Job?
Sam: I have heard those can cause lung cancer AND you can get STDs.
by Makwaw Hunters Intl. August 11, 2007
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An everyday loose woman. That is to say, not a professional prostitute. A woman who has slept with more than one male in your circle of friends and still hangs around.
Jane slept with John last night? She slept with Joe last week! What a fucking hook job!
by Dizz Dawg November 02, 2007
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