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female genitalia

an object used to create emphasis in an expression
leave my hoohoodilly alone!


I stubbed my toe and it hurts like a hoohoodilly!!!
by Lindsay June 09, 2003
male genitalia (from the TV show, south park)
the man puts his hoohoodilly in the woman's chacha
by Rich October 25, 2003
Yet another word for the penis.
Boy, check out the hoo hoo dilly on THAT one!
by Chris Cary November 01, 2003
It's what you stick in a woman's cha-cha.
I put my hoo hoo dilly in her cha-cha.
by Juuuergen March 15, 2010
Your junk boys!
That boi's hoo hoo dilly is like wham bam slam with the peanut butter jelly and jam.
by Kiwi April 26, 2004