A euphemism for vagina or female genitals and genital area, etc.... Mostly used by females in jest. Also used by Kristin Chenoweth on the Ellen Degeneres show in her instructional ditty "You must Sing from your HooHoo". Synonyms and similar terms include Yoohoo. and va-Hoohoo
Amy: Hi Sarah how's it going?
Sarah: Not so great I got a weird itching in my hoohoo.
by beer-ocracy May 06, 2010
Plural form of hoohoo.

Female breasts, usually referred to in pairs.
"I just felt a chick's hoohoos!"
by Rock*Star June 22, 2006
Another name for female genatalia (vagina). When someone doesn't want to use the other names associated with the female parts.
Lisa said she used to play soccer, until someone accidently hit her in the hoohoo.
by slynnv May 06, 2010
A lady's Milkmakers ... o.o;
aka her 'breasticles', if you may ...
BOOBIES! *shifty eyes*
Jimmy: Ohhh boy! Look at that! Mary has a swell pair of hoo-hoos, wouldn't you say? I wish I could be the size-tag on her brassiere!
Johnny: 'Wish I could be a pimple on her chest! *has bad acne*
by Lulies Kisaragi November 09, 2003
Breasts, most commonly used by radman.
Breasts are used during breastfeeding.
by Trinity February 04, 2004
Nether regions of a stripper. Usually kept trimmed, it is often referred to as a no no when unkempt.
"I'll tip you a buck to see your hoo-hoo!"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun March 18, 2003
Hoo-Hoos is off of the 2009 movie, "Dude, Where's My Car" Starring Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott.
*Line from movie*

Kristie Boner: Don't you remember giving me 500$ to show you my hoo-hoos?

Jesse Montgomery: F-five hundred dollars!?!?

Chester Greenburg: HOO-HOOS!?
by I LOVE ASHTON JAJAJA November 01, 2009

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