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When you take whatever the hell you want, mix it with cream of whatever soup, and proceed to put it in a pan and bake it.
Minnesotan 1: We made some good old fashioned Minnesota Hotdish yesterday.

Minnesotan 2: With what?
by onlineidiot1994 May 28, 2009
One who is so obsessive of being a Christian that they incorporate it into anything. Holy hippies will often wear shirts with phrases such as "He Saves" an lanyard with WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) and wearing bead necklaces with crosses on the end, even if they are guys (note they aren't gay because that would defy the Bible). They will bring up what their Bible study classes tell them if you even mention anything not within limits of the bible.
Person 1: Aw that chick is so f**king hot!
Holy Hippy 1: Dude think of the bible man, don't cuss...
Holy Hippy 2: Yeah WWJD?
by onlineidiot1994 June 30, 2008
What pokemon do when they're too bad ass for their trainer
Samson is loafing around
by onlineidiot1994 January 24, 2010
A term used to define fat people who play too many video games.
Normal Person: You have gamer gut dude

Fat Person: No I don't!

Normal Person: Come do a push up then fat ass

Fat Person: Okay but let me finish this round of Halo Ok?
by onlineidiot1994 December 29, 2008
An excuse people who play video games as apposed to exercising and doing real sports.
Sports Player: Man look at my swimmer body!

Guy with Gamer Gut: Yeah well look at my gamer gut!

Sports Player: Dude that's sick..
by onlineidiot1994 September 24, 2008
One who watches scrubs and prefers it to the office
Person 1: Man I love scrubs!
Person 2: I'm not much of a scrubian
by onlineidiot1994 May 23, 2008
One who enjoys watching office and prefers it much more then scrubs.
Person 1: Hey did you catch the episode of The Office yesterday?
Person 2: Nah, I'm not really an officite
by onlineidiot1994 May 23, 2008

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