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an uncut crown, an uncicumcised penis
ted has a hooded knight because in denver they dont cut the crown.
by semen demon November 11, 2003
A group of script kiddies self-proclaimed as one of the 10 best hacker groups in the world, but has no proof of existance...
01:04 <Areuthreatingme> so your a knight
01:04 <Dusk_Knight> of course
01:05 <Areuthreatingme> well i'm a Hooded-Knight
01:05 <Dusk_Knight> a hooded knight?
01:06 <Areuthreatingme> As in HK
01:06 <Dusk_Knight> oh?
01:07 <Areuthreatingme> Hooded-Knights one of the top 10 hacking groups alive
01:07 <Dusk_Knight> and that means what to me?
01:08 <Areuthreatingme> lol
01:08 <Areuthreatingme> ur not very bright
by Dusk_Knight May 08, 2006