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1.To steal or to take something without consent 2.To be taken advantage of or getting scammed.
1.Yo he just hoodwinked a fresh pair of kicks 2.I just got hoodwinked out of 20$
by Kareem D July 24, 2005
100 41
I think this means to be fooled, dubed, tricked or had.
We have been hood winked.
by daniel meehan March 11, 2006
61 23
(hood*wink) <verb> 1. to wink and nod as in offer & acceptance 2. to offer valueless goods, services, or other well meaning but otherwise empty promises <noun> 1. how folks in the hood do business without currency 2. a scam; in some cases harmless, but always with full knowledge <adjective> 3. by any means necessary
She wanted to use his car, so hoodwinked him to believe she'd hangout with him after running her errands.
by subtlesteel July 12, 2010
7 3
BAMBEE! a big smartarse gook! ;P
Hoody told me the map waz bigger than stairs :/
by Lindzi February 14, 2004
6 8
When a uncircumsized penis winks at you
He pulled down his pants and his penis gave me a hoodwink...

... its flirting when you hoodwink at people...

.. hoodwinking is a natural phenomenon in adolescent boys when learning about their penis... but make sure that he is the one controlling the winking of his hood..
by horus1349 December 29, 2011
4 7
The female equivalent of Tea Bagging
Did I just get tea bagged?
No thats a chick, you just got Hood Winked.
by Distanc3 November 03, 2007
12 16
gay idiot who uses time to look up things in a dictionary. homosexual
a homesexual person who uses time to write things in a dictionary.
by s2 splat February 02, 2004
1 7