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3 definitions by KongoJojo

When a woman gives a man a blowjob, and before the man ejaculates, she twists his member clockwise in a wrenching motion while he attempts to ejaculate.
I was hoping for a good time with that prostitute, but she ended up giving me a Portuguese monkey wrench.
by KongoJojo December 13, 2010
The act of dipping an uncircumcised penis into an ink bowl, then slapping a person in the eye(the receiver should close his/her eye) with the ink covered penis, creating the illusion that the person is wearing eye liner.
My wife ran out of make up, so I had to give her an amish eye liner.
by KongoJojo June 26, 2011
When someone gets slapped in the eye by an uncircumcised penis, followed by dragging motion away from the eye.
Did you see that?! That guy hood winked that prostitute!
by KongoJojo June 26, 2011