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confetti rappin, fake ass, half steppin ass, no swag, no game, frontin brothas who ride others street cred, or they kiss so much ass the person as part of a crew iz brought to the scene to fame

rappers include: lil wayne, mike jones, bubba sparxxx, nelly, chingy, tony yayo, p diddy, fred durst,paul wall

groups: st lunatic, or whatever the the fuck they calll themselves, half of g unit, and all them niggaz from USDA
dude: " you hear that tony yayo's new album is called, im 50 cents's tax writeoff?
dude2: yea, that nigga is a dick riddin hood jockey

paul wall: can i be on swishahouse, and cut confetti remixes if i give u a grill
mike jones: yea, now suck my dick

slim thug has a harom of houston jock riders, including paul wall,Chamillionaire, and lupe fiasco
by kansascityking99 March 28, 2009