to have a crush on someone, to like, to have suspicions about someone liking
u got hoobys for her ey?
by d March 29, 2004
Hairy Boobies or Hair Around he Boobies
Lee Has Hoobies!!
He Should Shave Them!!
by --SqueaK-- September 06, 2005
(abstract noun or proper noun) A person, especially one not mentioned by name
Hooby doesn't have one.
Hooby who?
by the jerky January 27, 2011
Hippy Boobies.period
I went to college with a chick who had hoobies.

Hey, Bra Bra, Did you see all those HOOBIES hangin' out at that hotsprings?!?!
by K.C.Natas September 26, 2007
another word for boobies or any word related to them.
Aerial and Jesse have nice hoobies.
by Nazareth September 01, 2004
Refers to a girl prone to creating or participating in trivial matters of gossip (otherwise known as drama), due to lack of having anything better to do with her time, such as enjoying a hobby. Created as a result of a typo while using Instant Messenger chat software.
Check out that hooby, she is already talking shit about everyone in the club.
by Epic909 December 15, 2003
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