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Refers to a girl prone to creating or participating in trivial matters of gossip (otherwise known as drama), due to lack of having anything better to do with her time, such as enjoying a hobby. Created as a result of a typo while using Instant Messenger chat software.
Check out that hooby, she is already talking shit about everyone in the club.
by Epic909 December 15, 2003
7 26
Wack. Crazy. Really dumb.
Check out that hooby motherfucker!
by Stinky Cockersly July 11, 2004
18 6
Hairy Boobies or Hair Around he Boobies
Lee Has Hoobies!!
He Should Shave Them!!
by --SqueaK-- September 06, 2005
11 4
to have a crush on someone, to like, to have suspicions about someone liking
u got hoobys for her ey?
by d March 29, 2004
1 1
(abstract noun or proper noun) A person, especially one not mentioned by name
Hooby doesn't have one.
Hooby who?
by krom23456 January 27, 2011
0 1
Hippy Boobies.period
I went to college with a chick who had hoobies.

Hey, Bra Bra, Did you see all those HOOBIES hangin' out at that hotsprings?!?!
by K.C.Natas September 26, 2007
4 5
another word for boobies or any word related to them.
Aerial and Jesse have nice hoobies.
by Nazareth September 01, 2004
6 10