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1. a fairly new word meaning orgasm
2. can also mean an arguement
1. it makes me hoo har when he kisses my vagina
i hoo har very easily:L

2. theres a little hoo har going on over there
this is going to cause a hoo har
by mousey1306 January 13, 2012
an exclamation of common usage in the ghetto and tring
1) hoo har man hoo har, whats up?
2) you had a date with a hot lady? hoo har!
3) i'm as hard as nails...hoo har
by lils_05 ingrey January 05, 2007
1. another name for a spliff or a marujuana joint
2. when theres a disturbance going on
1. pass the hoohar
can we roll a hoohar
lets have a hoohar

2. ooh theres a terrible hoohar going on
by shpannah September 07, 2006
An exclamation of joy
'I've won!'

'Hoo Har!'
by Duck_Fucker1138 February 04, 2005
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