hawaiian term for green sea turtle, when referred to a person means calm, peaceful, and/or knowledgable.
She has a honu personality. He is like a honu.
by Baby'Ana March 20, 2009
A honus is a person or people who follow you around everywhere. They are also very undesirable and most of the time awkward. The down side to honi is that they act as a major cock block to because girls don't want to be in there awkward presence. When you shun or try to get rid of a honus or honi it will prove futile. THEY NEVER LEAVE!!
"oh my gosh this honus has been following us everywhere, the girls won't even look at me!"
" I feel you dude."

"Alright guys lets try to leave before the honi know."
*everyone runs*
by honus destroyer September 24, 2013

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