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Understanding Utahn-Idahoan slang: honory hon·or·y /ˈänərē/.

Somehow, long ago, not only did the "t's" go missing from various words (such as moun'ain), but whole cities had forgotten how to properly say 'ornery'. The definition remains the same, but until one realizes in spell check that honory isn't a real word and listens to the true pronunciation on Webster, the people originating from this part of the nation remain oblivious to such a fact.
"That honory old goat took out a shot gun and pointed it at me just 'cause I was drunk and pissin' in her yard!"

"Damn the wife was honory last night. I know my she doesn't want to gain any weight, so I honestly told her she was starting to get a little chubby. I asked if her she wanted to fuck after that. She ripped the telephone off of the wall and threw that son of a bitch at my head. Fucking woke up in the hospital."
by llr February 26, 2012
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