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A term that refers to an unattractive female that will usually have a large and unsightly nose. This can also be used to describe ugly or irrating person that may annoy you
' Look at her lad, she is such a honko!'
'You pulled such a honko last night!'
'Alright honko!'
by M.Hoey February 03, 2005
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The time period when a person sitting in front of you at a stop light is not paying attention and the light turns green and they don't go. A honko ends when you honk your horn or when the idiot in front of you moves.
Joe "Man I had this honko that I tried to be patient for but I just had to honk because they wouldn't move!"

George "Yeah I know those assholes who just sit there and stare at the green light just want to make me get out of my car and shoot them."

Joe "Agreeable."
by Frank_The_Bank March 06, 2011

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