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Chores assigned by ones mate (usually wife). This list normally includes household chores or errands and typically are assigned at the most innnoportune moments (ie: Sports event, relax time, vacations or days off, snow days, etc..). Also can be a bribe for sex...
I'd love to go to the bar with you fellas but the old lady has a bunch of honey do's for me. She needs the gutters cleaned, leaves raked, leaky faucet fixed, and a box of tampons.
by Craig S. February 21, 2006
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One or more things, usually on a list, that your wife or girlfriend wants you to do. So called, because of "Honey, do this. Honey, do that."

If done correctly and in a timely fashion, you will be rewarded.
"Dude, why weren't you at the game?"
by One Oscar September 03, 2006
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A mans brest (when you push up on them gently and say let me get them honey do's)
john asked matt if he could get his honey do's
by john johns June 04, 2004
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a man that will do anything for a woman with no strings attatched.
ex. honeydo please change the spark plugs in my car when its 14 below zero, honey do please change my toliet seat, honeydo please unclog my kitchen sink etc. Usually not apprecited by younger women but all single women over 50 wish they had one.
by voodoomutt January 19, 2012
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