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1. a reference to a passage in the bible, Psalms 81:16

2. something so beautiful you would give your life for it. something more beautiful than the stars and heaven itself.

3. someone who's company you would just as soon spend
eternity with over that of even Jehovah himself.

4. Kristina
is there honey in the rock, has love gone up in smoke, could you be my ever lovin' baby?
by dan peacock July 19, 2007
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;something so sweet and beautiful that you would rather die than go without it.

;something so pure that you put it above all things including heaven.

;the "honey" is the seraph you would lay your life down for, unfortunately it has been cast into a hard nearly impenetrable
shell by evil. although it is extreamly hard it is believed that only true love can find "honey in the rock"

;kristina turnely
is there honey in the rock? has love gone up in smoke? could you be my ever lovin' baby?
by daniel peacock July 18, 2007

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